Sweet Saffron invites you to take a moment from your everyday life to restore balance and bring peace and health to your body, mind and soul. Retreat to an unforgettable experience through pure skin care and organic services.

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Weekly Special

Ok I guess it's my turn to say it.....

I want to be wise, responsible, and rational. 

After hearing input from you it's seems the hive mind along with mine is for closing until April.

Unfortunately that is going to impact my bushiness (not just financially but loyalty from my community as well) and for how long ... I'm not sure. So I've been spending the day trying to think of how I can still connect with you because I enjoy seeing all your beautiful faces come through; I still want to have a responsibility to your care. 

To me it's important to take moments away from stressful things to bring balance so what I am doing is opening up with this opportunity to connect through virtual consultations. I am able to guide you through healthy skincare choices along with guidance with home care product. I can still get order products for you as well.
30 minutes | $30 
*special price for lockdown period only. cannot be combined with gift cards or other specials*

Also, I want to offer discounted digital gift certificates.
 Any gift certificate purchased, greater than $35, will receive
$20 credit towards any future treatments. 

For those of you who have appointments coming up this month I will be reaching out to you through the week to touch base and reschedule. 

I haven't gone away just my physical touch is gone. I am hoping to give us an opportunity to just connect and support each other. And just know in you doing this, is going to help a small business out too. I appreciate all of you for your loyalty to Sweet Saffron and I sooo look forward to seeing you all very soon! Take Care and Be Well! 

- Jessica

p.s. I will be doing a LIVE q&a on Instagram next week so if you have any questions you would like me to answer feel free to send them my way via email. No limits on what to ask... ask me ANYTHING :) 

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