A Northwest native, Jessica is as passionate about life as she is about being a balanced happy person. She believes in treating everyone with kindness, love, and respect. She enjoys playing in nature, is always learning something new in holistic health, and loves working with her clients to make their skin glow!

"The day I received my first facial is the day I decided to become an Esthetician. It was the most peaceful yet educational experience I had ever had and wanted to share that feeling with others in my community. At that time I had been experiencing some skin issues for quite a long time. But upon leaving I felt new a inspiration that I could heal my own skin through natural practices. I also believe in treating the body as whole when it comes to treating the skin."

Jessica understands the importance of listening to her clients. By doing so she is able to provide skin care that is unique to each client and makes them feel beautiful and healthy. She looks forward to seeing her clients frequently and getting to know them better!

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