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Bring on the Massage!


I doubt when you are getting a facial massage you start thinking, " I wonder why she's doing this..." If you are like me you are either telling yourself to shut up so you can zone out or you have already drifted off to the clouds...

Well whether you thought about it or not I think it is interesting to know ... When you get a facial massage you are: ✅ improving circulation ✅ flushing out toxins ✅ decreasing puffiness ✅ exercising your muscles <--- my favorite! ✅ tension relief. Why do we want to improve my skin’s circulation?

  • The circulatory system is an amazing system that flows through our bodies. Blood carries precious nutrients, hormones, and other vital chemicals to different organs in the body including our skin! (the largest organ). Poor circulation in the skin can lead to uneven skin tone, acne, inflamed skin, wrinkles/aged skin, and dark circles.

Flush out toxins? Huh?

  • Think of flushing out toxins as a cleanse from the inside out (: As we learned about blood delivers nutrition to our skin then turns right around and carries out celluar waste.

Puffiness be gone!

  • On your face there are certain pressure points that I can massage that will help to release lymphatic fluid that is hanging out stagnant causing swelling. This is almost an immediate result!

Taking your muscles to the gym!

  • Just like we are told to exercise our bodies’ muscles to achieve a strong toned body, we must do the same for our facial muscles! I remember learning this waaayyy back in esthetics school and I remember thinking well that makes total sense. And I just so happen to know all the muscles in your face and how to manipulate them to give your skin a more lifted and toned look.

The cherry on top! And probably the most important.

  • Facial massage just feels so good! We are relieving tension we hold on to. It can almost feel like a whole body experience. That’s because it is in a way we are giving our bodies’ nervous system a quick break. The nervous system is a highly complex system. Although I am not specialized in how it all completely works what I do know is our body/skin cannot work properly if it is overloaded. When we receive a facial massage our nervous system is getting told to relax. When we relax, our nervous system is able to reset in a way. It’s a win win!

Would you have guessed all that was going on behind the scenes? My 60minute and 75minute facials come with facial massage! Book your next facial today to keep your skin's health vibrant!

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