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Amazing Benefits of Body Wraps!!


With their ability to condition, detoxify, tone and tighten skin, it’s hardly any wonder body wrap treatments are a steadfast spa favorite. If you’ve yet to enjoy a spa day or break, or you’ve simply yet to experience a beautifying body wrap, you might be unsure what to expect. This guide defines the treatment, explains what generally happens during a body wrap, outlines its health and beauty benefits and lists the different types offered here at Sweet Saffron.

What is a body wrap?

A body wrap - also known as a ‘body cocoon’ or ‘body mask’ - is a spa treatment created to enhance the health, appearance, and the feeling of your skin. Just like a facial mask, a body mask is a thick paste or cream made from minerals, plants, fruits, oils, and other natural elements (think: clay or mud) that detoxifies and firms your skin by drawing out impurities and absorbing excess oil. It’s generously applied all over your body and left to dry for about 20 to 30 minutes. A nourishing oil or mineral-rich formula is applied to the limbs and torso before they are wrapped in cotton sheets. The idea is to raise your body temperature, which boosts circulation, opens pores, aids in extraction of dirt, toxins and helps the mask to better absorb into your skin.

What health and beauty benefits does a body wrap treatment provide?

The pampering experience of a body wrap can provide multiple benefits, depending on the type chosen:

Detoxification: Body wraps featuring detoxifying algae, seaweed, mud or clay can help rid the body of toxins through metabolic skin cell stimulation. As skin is your largest organ, detoxification of the epidermis can have a significant effect on your health and overall wellbeing.

Intensive moisturization: The vast majority of wraps comprise moisturizing ingredients to hydrate, nourish and smooth your skin for improved condition.

Relaxation: Once you’re fully wrapped, you’ll be left to relax for up to 30 minutes. This will provide you with some valuable - and rare - mental and physical downtime.

Things to know before you book your next body wrap.

A body wrap is often combined with other spa treatments, such as dry brushing, to offer a comprehensive pampering session for the body. While some people expect a massage or extra body treatments, this usually isn’t the case, unless it is explicitly listed as part of the package. Check with us when you book, or contact Sweet Saffron ahead of time if you’re unsure. Other things to bear in mind is that if claustrophobia or being left alone in the treatment room are issues, this may not be the right treatment for you.

Types of body wraps offered at Sweet Saffron.

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Whether you just need a little hydration boost or a little detox session, we got you covered (literally) with our luxurious body wraps. Choose between our wraps to give your body exactly what it needs.

All wraps begin with light dry brushing to promote collagen, boost circulation, and activate your

lymphatic system, leaving you with smooth plump skin!

While you are wrapped,

indulge in a light scalp massage or a mini facial for an added price of $25

Tropical Hydration

Quench your skin!

A coconut-mango wrap is applied to your whole body to hydrate your skin, leaving it supple. Formulated with aloe Vera, to heal damaged skin, coconut oil, Hawaiian herbs, and vitamins A, B, and C, this radiance-enhancing wrap will help maintain your skin’s natural moisture balance.

60 min | $85

Moroccan Red Clay
A youth- enhancing detox wrap!
A clay mask is applied to your body to detoxify your skin and eliminate impurities. All the while wrapped in a solar blanket to seal in the heat, our body wrap stimulates a process in the body called lymphatic drainage, in which toxins from each cell are released into the capillaries, and ejected from the body. Toxins and excess fluid are drawn out the pores, resulting in a clearer, brighter and healthier complexion.

60 min | $85

What to expect during your treatment.

Although you should always visit to determine the exact details of your chosen body wrap, these are the steps typically followed:

STEP #1 - CLOTHING REMOVAL: Before your body wrap can begin, you will need to remove your clothing down to your underwear or a bikini.

STEP #2 - EXFOLIATION: All wraps begin with light dry brushing. This ancient technique involves brushing your skin with a natural bristle brush (synthetic materials can be too harsh) without any moisture or water. The brushing removes dead skin, boosts circulation, flushes out toxins and even improves the appearance of cellulite. We will start at your feet, working up your body and brushing in circular motions towards your heart, which encourages natural lymphatic flow, boosted immunity, enhanced collagen production, improved circulation, and balanced body fluids leaving you with smooth plump skin!

STEP #3 - FORMULA APPLICATION AND WRAPPING: We will then begin applying your chosen wrap formula to your body and limbs, wrapping each area in cloth or plastic film before moving to the next.

STEP #4 - RELAX: You’ll then be left alone to relax for up to half an hour to allow the treatment to work its magic. Alternatively, you may add on a mini facial or scalp massage for $25.

STEP #5 - UNWRAP AND RINSE: We will them unwrap your limbs one by and remove your body mask with lightly scented warm towels.

STEP #7 - MOISTURIaATION: NOTE: This step is not offered with our tropical hydrating body wrap. At the end of your treatment, a final moisturizer or body oil will be applied to all areas of your skin to protect and soften.


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