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3 tips to help stop picking

We've all been there. Slept like a baby wake up all happy and ready for the day, make our way to the mirror and BAM! there it is right smack dab in the middle of your forehead that not so polite pimple all red and loud.

We slowly start to raise our dirty fingers to pop, squeeze, pinch it all away. But nope that didn't do a thing, instead it actually made it more red and opened the flood gates for us to go ahead with popping and pinching everything else we think is a problem. Step back from the mirror 10 minutes later only to see a bright red inflamed irritated face that looks about 10x worse then before.

Does this sound too familiar? I've been there before and it's a vicious cycle that can feel overwhelming.

I want to share with you tips and tricks to stop yourself of picking.

  1. PIMPLE PATCHES - these don't necessarily vanish the blemish. However they do work on the phrase "out of sight out of mind"

  2. COVER YOUR MIRRORS - this may sound extreme but trust me, if you have found yourself having larger temptations with picking I suggest doing this for at least 30 days. to help re-wire your brain and build healthier habits.

  3. STOP AND SQUAT - this one is kind of a win win. When you notice yourself about to pick at your skin or if you are in the middle of picking stop right there and do ten squats, jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, etc. Whatever you got to do to physically move your body. You will then: start to build muscle, release endorphins, and begin noticing clearer skin!

I know I have shared this site with you before but I truly know it is a life changer for those that struggle with picking at their skin compulsively. You are not alone, remember education is empowerment ... check out this site and soak in all the great knowledge so you can armor yourself!

Quick note, if you have post picking acne scars that you would like to address I highly highly recommend MICRONEEDLING. Head to this link to learn more.

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