It’s Peel Season! Pumpkin Spice peel anyone?

We have a ton of skin cells, roughly 19 million on every inch of our body.
While the body continuously replaces old skin cells with new ones, the top 18 to 23 layers of our skin are made of dead cells. As we get older, our cell turnover starts to slow down and it can be harder for us to shed the buildup.
This is why our skin doesn’t have the radiance we did in our early twenties.

Using a gentle, at-home exfoliator is something I encourage my clients to use daily or a few times a week.

But I recommend a professional chemical peel if you really want results!

Professional peels:

  • go deeper

  • remove dead skin cell efficiently

  • achieve a softer

  • more radiant skin

  • improve texture

  • reduce scarring

  • minimize fine lines

  • treat certain types of acne

Check it out,

What is a Chemical Peel and How Do They Work?

Chemical peels are used to treat a variety of skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, discoloration, as well as improve our skin’s texture.

With three degrees of depth (light, medium, or deep), there are different chemical agents and solutions that range in their ability to exfoliate the skin and penetrate the various layers. The results are dependent upon each chemical’s unique ingredients.

In layman's terms it loosens and dissolves the “glue” between your dead skin cells.

One of the most popular peels I use at Sweet Saffron is glycolic acid, which is a sugar derivative. It is safe for almost all skin types.

I encourage my clients to come in regularly (which in the peel world is once a month), for at least the first 3 months of starting a peel so we can tackle any concerns and provide consistent attention to your skin.

If you are combating teenage or adult acne, texture irregularities, or hyperpigmentation, start with a glycolic acid peel.

We can then work our way up to more potent peels, if needed.

For those of you who have experienced professional grade chemical peels before, we offer Herbal Skin Solutions peels, a medium depth chemical peel that penetrates deep into the skin for even greater exfoliation and brightening.

Everyone’s skin is unique and

because of that I stock a variety of different peels. This allows me to customize peels for each client and focus on the skin condition(s) we are trying to treat.

Peels have come such a long way and don’t have the crazy side effects they used to.

I once hear, there’s an episode on Sex and the City where Samantha gets a chemical peel and shows up to an event with skin that looks as raw as a piece of sushi. Extreme peeling, tender skin, prolonged redness and a long healing time were all things people had to prepare for when getting a chemical peel.

Most of us don’t have that kind of downtime.

Sweet Saffron’s peels are designed to do what they are supposed to do, yet with no down time or peeling, at all.


Since we are officially in fall, can I tempt you with a pumpkin spice glycolic peel?

Yes, pumpkin spice!

Make your appointment with me today to get in the spirit of the season!

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