Self Care During COVID

Even before a global pandemic, a need to reset was needed. But now, more than ever being able to rest and reset is super important.

Stress can be extremely detrimental on our body, mind, soul, and skin.

I feel like we all are on the same page of knowing that we need a moment of peace, but want to also feel safe when in that moment.

You might be asking yourself what you can do then to get some relaxation during these times, and I want to remind you of a few treatments Sweet Saffron offers …

  • Warm Oil Scalp Massages -> relaxes nervous system and neck muscles

  • Body Wraps -> promote sound sleep

  • Eyelash Extensions -> makes those eyes pop with a masks on!

  • Brow or Lash Tinting -> adds illusion of thicker darker brows or lashes

  • Back Treatments -> or as I like to call them Back Facials :)

  • Micro-needling* or nano-needling -> promotes 400% more collagen in the skin!

*And might I add that nano-needling and micro-needling both can be performed with a mask on if we are working on areas that aren't around the mouth and nose. For example, say you just wanted to boost collagen in your neck or work on those pesky lines on your forehead. We can do that too!

These treatments give you the freedom to relax while wearing your mask the whole time.

You will leave feeling a sense of renewal and knowing you were responsible.

To book---> Simply follow the link below!

I look forward to seeing your beautiful faces!

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