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Top 5 Common Skincare Mistakes

As an Esthetician it is my job to listen to my clients and their concerns along with learning about their lifestyle and habits so I can educate and share the best tools I have to help clients reach their skin goals. Below are 5 common skincare mistakes I hear often:

1. Using make up wipes to cleanse

Only to be used in dire times

I get it, we’ve all had those nights where we are just too tired to even think about going into the bathroom and washing our face, so we pull out a wipe, swipe it on our face and call it good. They are ok every once in a great while, but using them every night is not doing your skin any favors. I know you see mascara and foundation on the wipe and think your face is squeaky clean, but wipes actually aren’t very effective and irritate the skin.

2. Over exfoliating

“It's easy to go crazy with exfoliating scrubs, especially when your skin is feeling off or dry. But it could be doing more harm than good. "Exfoliating can cause tiny tears in the skin and can impair the skin's normal skin barrier," Caren Campbell, a board-certified dermatologist, told CNET.
Exfoliation is still important (in moderation). But instead of a harsh scrub, you can try a chemical exfoliant made with acids like AHA and/or BHA. "I prefer chemical exfoliators to mechanical ones like AHA/BHA. But these are often overused in younger patients who do not need them," Campbell said. She recommends only using them a few times a week if you have dry, flaky skin or if you are over 40.”

3. Picking

This one hits home for me because I used to be a “picker.” Even if you’re not picking but just

Even just touching your skin too much is not good

touching your face a whole bunch. You may or may not realize you are even doing it. Just as I was typing this I had my hand on my chin! Picking can lead to irritation in the skin, scarring, and the spreading of bacteria. If this is more of nervous habit check out

4. Using essential oils

I’m all for essential oils! But when used directly on your skin when not diluted can cause contact skin allergies. If you are going to use them find a good carrier oil that is appropriate for your skin type to mix it with.

Don't forget your neck too!

5. Forgetting your neck and chest

Bring that product all the way down ladies! ;)

So is anyone else guilty of these too? I’m by no means perfect but little adjustments here and there make the biggest difference in your skin’s health!

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