What are retinols, how do they work and should I be using them?

What are retinols?

Also known as Vitamin A, retinols come in many forms but the most commonly exist as creams and serums.

How do they work?

They work by promoting surface skin cells to turn over more rapidly, making way for new cell growth. Retinols inhibit the breakdown of collagen and thicken the deeper layers of your skin where wrinkles get their start.

At what age should you start using retinols?

While it’s always a good time to start working on prevention and healthy aging, your twenties are the best time to start introducing retinols into your skincare routine. Particularly if you suffer from breakouts or pigmentation issues. I recommend clients start using retinoids 1-2 times a week, max, for three months and to then take a three month break.

Currently these are my top two favorite Retinols and here’s why:

1. Eva Naturals -

  1. Eva Naturals is budget friendly. It also is going to be best for experienced Retinol users as the 2% retinol can be slow irritating process to get your skin use to. But if you have the patience it’s a great one with many added benefits like Vitamin C, Niacinamide, and other amazing ingredients.

2. Mad Hippie -

  1. We love our local small businesses right!? Well you will be supporting right here in Portland if you so chose to get this one. Also, Mad Hippie has a recycling a program! If you are sensitive to coconut oils I would recommend skipping this one.

3.Sunday Riley -

  1. Sunday Riley is a new favorite. I am in love with how they utilize HPR ( an ester of Vitamin A which gives great results without having to worry about irritation. And lastly, Luna sleeping oil has one of my favorite calming ingredients, blue tansy oil!

Do you have questions about retinols?

Which one do you use?

Leave them in the comments below and let’s chat about it!

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