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How many steps should actually be in my skincare routine?

I hear this question all the time.

Right off the bat- everyone’s skin is going to need something different so this will be a general rule.

The magic number is somewhere between:

4 and 7.


- Cleanser or just water splash

- Toner

- Serum/eye cream

- Moisturizer


PM: - Cleanser

- Toner

- Exfoliant (1-3x wk only)

- Mask (3x month only)

- Serum/eye cream

- Moisturizer

About 3-4x a month a treatment mask should be applied as well.

Now this could also be scaled back to just 4 steps. But I feel it's a great middle ground for simple but results driven.

I have always been a less is more kind of woman when it comes to skincare. And I practice that at Sweet Saffron too.

I feel as long the ingredients are supportive for the skin then there is no need to have a million steps as well as a million different products too.

Keep it simple. The fewer products to apply means fewer products you forget to use. So keeping it simple usually helps people stay on track with regular use of their products. And you get to benefit from results too! Yay!
Consistency is one of the most effective ways to see the benefits of your skin care routine. If you rely on a 10-step solution, chances are you won't keep it up long enough to actually see results. By scaling down the number of products you use, you can unlock the power of caring for your complexion with just a few effective products used each and every day! You also reduce the chance of developing contact dermatitis and other issues.

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