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Let's get Real-My Story

I was sitting here trying to think of the next post to write. I had many ideas written down and even have a small plan on what to talk about based on the changing of the seasons. But I had this strong urge to really connect with you all for a moment. Because I feel we all could use a little connection right now.

So I wanted to tell my story from a pre-educated Esthetician to where I am today. I think you all might be a little surprised.

I grew up with no conversations on skin. NOT ONE! The first time I was even told that I should probably wash my makeup off before I went to bed I was, ready for this, 19!

Yep. 19. NineTEEN!

It gets worse. I was putting makeup on BEFORE I went to bed if I was at my boyfriend’s house. I know I'm not the only one who did this, unfortunately. The silver lining is that perhaps you’re relieved to know you weren’t the only one. The teen years were chaotic in general, let alone being clueless in regards to skin health.

During this time of skincare experimentation I was buying anything that was boasting that by using it I would be acne free. Sound familiar? Why was it that even if we didn’t actually have acne we felt the need to use Clean and Clear, Proactive, Biore and Cetaphil? I couldn’t read a magazine without getting hit with a floral, brightly colored ad for all of the above in the June issue of YM.

Here is another relatable moment-after using a hodgepodge of products over the years paired with hormonal birth control, acne finally decided to rear its ugly face, on mine.

During the peak of my acne battle my skincare routine looked like this:

  • Buying/trying ANYTHING to get rid of my acne

  • Cleansing 2-3x a day

  • Using a rotating brush daily

  • Exfoliating everyday

  • Not moisturizing

  • Not addressing my stress

  • Eating anything I wanted

  • Picking at my skin CONSTANTLY, all day long. Particularly at night, right before bed

  • Using way too much makeup. There were layers

When you are desperate, you will try anything. It gets disappointing, hopeless, frustrating, depressing, and lonely (because you don’t want to do anything social) with bouts of anger sprinkled in. I remember many times after I picked at my skin for about 20 minutes that I would just stand there and cry. Because I felt all of the above emotions flood in at once.

What I didn’t know was that the main thing that was getting in the way of my healthy skin journey was …. me.

Have you ever heard something over and over but it didn’t resonate with you until one day it just hits you upside the head and you’re like “ oh! that’s what they have been saying the whole time!” or what Oprah would call an “aha!” moment. That’s what it took for me to finally see that I was standing in my own way. One night, after my nightly picking escapade I was sitting in bed reading yet another article on how to get clear skin when I came across the topic of skin picking also known as DSM or SPD.

Here is the link to the website that changed my life:

This website offers the best knowledge, guidance, and resources to help major skin picking disorders. From light to habitual pickers. Wherever you fall on the spectrum you will gain so much. I still recommend this site to clients to this day, because skin picking is all too common, it’s a cycle that can make you feel like you’re trapped. It's real; and I have dedicated my career to educating women on how to take control of their skin.

I was the one who was creating most of the havoc with my skin. But I didn’t need to punish myself and feel shame. I needed to educate myself and show grace. Forgive myself and then pull myself up by my bootstraps and nurture myself towards growth.

So, right then that is what I decided to do.

Along with learning about DSM, I had read about how this girl cleared her skin by doing nothing, yep, NOTHING to her skin. Not even letting water touch her face, for 30 days. So I decided to try it out myself.

I'm pretty sure I just heard you gasp when you read that.

Well, I did it. It took me forever to get the guts to actually go for it. It really was the no makeup rule that was causing hesitation, because as my fellow acne babes know, makeup is our security blanket. And not only that but I was an Esthetician by this point. An Esthetician worried about what her clients would think seeing a woman with acne and scarring working on their skin. But I finally got the nerve and took the leap because it was the only thing left to do.

Let me tell you girlfriend...

Those 30 days changed my entire life! Because of those 30 days I became so inspired. My whole outlook on skin health personally and professionally changed after that. I didn’t want to just put some products on people’s skin and send them out the door. I wanted to be someone who actually focused on the emotional side of skin; inward and outward. They don't teach that in school. This was something I had to experience myself.

I wanted to account for everything that correlates to skin health, and provide honest suggestions.

As an Esthetician my core values are to:

  • Educate women on how to care for their skin and the importance of ingredients

  • Encourage women to be kind to themselves and embrace their journey

  • Inform why certain ingredients are harmful or helpful

  • The importance of consistency

  • Keep it simple

I am proud to say that in my 8+ as an Esthetician I have helped many women overcome skin issues and find hope with simple but quality skincare advice and guidance.

Fast forward to 2020 and your girl really came full circle. I went from trying every product to making my very own!

A couple months ago I launched my own skincare line! Formulated for my normal to dry skin type beauties. But don’t worry, the goal is to have a full line for each skin type-so hang tight, my sensitive skin gals.

I look back and never would have thought I would have made it to this point and it’s still just a drop in the pond in regards to where I’m going to be.

I’ve always wanted to provide quality, result oriented, simple skincare. Whether it be in your own home with Sweet Saffron’s Facial Kits or in Sweet Saffron Studio. Or both!

You can order a skincare kit


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I hope that you gained something out of my share today. I know that I continue to be inspired and motivated by not only my own stories, but by all of yours, too.

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