Linking the Nervous System and Skincare

Stress can be your skin’s worst enemy.

One word- inflammation.

When you feel anxious about something, your central nervous system goes into fight or flight mode, triggering a release of hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine.

These hormones can cause acne, premature wrinkles, and dry skin – nothing that will give you these radiant glow we all desire.

However, if you find ways to soothe your central nervous system, you’ll feel calmer, and so will your skin.

Below are my top 5 ways to decrease stress and get your skin glowing!

  1. Facials

Not all Estheticians are alike and neither are the facials they provide. If you’ve been coming to see me for sometime now you may have noticed that you leave feeling a bit floaty? During my facials I not only put an emphasis in skincare but I make sure you receive a total body experience. Topically, we can do many great things to fight the stressors of day to day life, but if our internal bodies are not calm, then our skin will reflect that.

  1. Vitamin C

Research shows that Vitamin C can help reduce cortisol levels. To get Vitamin C through your diet, add plenty of blueberries and strawberries to your smoothie breakfast bowls to get your daily dose and to fight free radicals to achieve youthful-looking skin.

  1. Reflexology

Did you know when certain pressure points are pushed on the feet, hands and ears, a message is sent to the central nervous system to relax, making the whole body feel calmer?

Conveniently, all of my facials will incorporate one of these pressure points during your service.

4. Baths

How many baths do you take a week? I used to take them once in blue moon but the past 6 months I have had a bath at least once a week. It’s a game changer, ladies!

Warm baths can increase levels of serotonin, which is the chemical produced by the brain that is associated with happiness and well being. Submergence in water can reduce pain and inflammation and also calm the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety in the body and improving your mood.

5. Journal Gratitude

As “woo woo” as it may sound, regular gratitude practice is a powerful medicine and can even help to rewire an anxious brain for the better. The Institute of Heartmath has spent the last 20+ years researching how certain emotional states impact your overall heart intelligence and well-being. According to their research, positive emotions and positive feelings, such as gratitude, appreciation, contentment, and inspiration play a huge role in the health of your nervous system.

There are many other ways to calm your nervous system, but I am a woman who thrives in simplicity, so I kept this list short and realistic. These are very doable and can make a great impact on the overall health of our skin (and mind)!

Ready to reboot your nervous system?
Here are my top 3 treatments I offer at Sweet Saffron I know you will love!
  • Hot Oil Scalp Massage

  • Full Body Wraps

  • Rejuvenating Facials

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